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Professional Training for all Players

New Referees

Do you want to:

  •    Help your child's team earn game points?
  •    Learn more about the rules for the game of soccer?
  •    Do your part to volunteer for your kids?
  •    Help AYSO provide fun, fair soccer matches?
  • Become a Referee!

    It is easy to become a Referee and you won't be on your own.

    Anyone 12 or older is eligible to become a certified Referee. You will learn about the laws of the game from a qualified referee instructor and will be given a uniform and equipment. After you finish the training, if you choose, you may be assigned a referee advisor who can answer all of your questions. Or you can just start as an assistant referee and learn as you go.

    • Sign up at Registration - check the Referee box on your volunteer form, then attend a training class.
    • If you did not sign up at Registration, please apply as a volunteer on eAYSO and search for a basic referee course under the "Enroll to take a class" link.
    • Register for an upcoming course.

    I Passed! Now What?

    Congratulations! After receiving your Regional Referee Badge, you will need to obtain a referee uniform. These are provided free of charge by Region 96. Please fill out the information found on this form: Tustin AYSO Referee Uniform Request Form. Your RRA will coordinate pick up of your referee uniform.

    Next you will need to be added to the schedule database in order to sign up for games. Login regisrtation information may be found on our Scheduling page. Referees are entered into the database using a primary email address.

    Remember the age guidelines are as follows:

    • Regional (Basic) Referee - U10 and under
    • Intermediate Referee - U12 and under
    • Advanced Referee - U16 and under
    • National Referee - U19 and under

    Please review the scheduling page for details on how to sign up for games and the link to the schedule database.

    Fall League Referee Points

    During the fall season (for U9/10 and above) recreational play, the teams earn game points for wins and ties. A win earns 3 points, a tie is 1 point, and a loss is 0 points. These points are used for ranking teams for trophies and in the season ending tournament play.

    Becoming a referee and refereeing games can earn your team additional game points for the season. With your help, your team can improve their standings for the end of season playoffs.

    Please review the Referee Points Program details.

    Advanced Play Referees

    All Stars, Extra (Plus) and Select Teams are required to supply their own full referee crews. This means each team will need to carry a minimum of 3 certified referees. If you are a parent of a child in the Advanced Play program, help your team meet this requirement by becoming a certified referee. Details may be found on the Referee Points Program page.

    Want more information?

    Use the links above to learn more or contact our Referee team.

    Subscribe to our referee e-mail list for information and updates:

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