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Professional Training for all Players

New Player Checklist

Sign-up to Play

This is done at one of our registration events. Visit our Registration information page for full information and dates. If you missed one of the registration events, you can still sign-up through our continuing registration process, but you will have missed out on the early bird discount offered at our registration events. Parents will also have opportunities to sign up to volunteer to do your share and help the kids be safe and have fun and to help the league to operate - we are entirely a volunteer run operation.

Get Your Gear

We will provide the jersey, shorts and socks. You must provide the cleats, shin guards, water bottle and a ball. On the player requirements page we describe all the gear required for each player. Be sure you check it out to make sure you buy acceptable shoes and shin guards and the right size ball.

Attend a Ratings Day

To make the season more fun, we make every effort to balance our teams and to do so we need to know each player's ability. For returning players, their previous coach submitted a rating. But since new players don't have one, we need them to come out a play a little to show us what you've got. But don't worry, we get players who have never played the game before at all ages. Unlike other sports this is not a tryout, you will be placed on a team regardless of ability. This information is only used to balance the teams and is not shared beyond that usage.

Attend your team's first meeting

This will often be combined with the first training session (practice). You will meet the coach and the parents will sign up for the team's volunteer duties. If you have not been contacted by your coach two weeks before the first game, please call your division coordinator.

Attend Practices and Play in Games

The season is underway! Throughout the season, you will continue to have training sessions and games. Your coach or team parent will distribute a schedule (also available online) for the games. Each player is entitled to play in three-quarters of each game (unless the number of players reduce this to one-half).

Attend Picture Day and the Tom Scaglione Kick-a-Thon

Usually around the third weekend of the season, we hold our picture day and kick-a-thon. The picture day portion will have you join your team for individual and team pictures (included in your registration). The kick-a-thon is Tustin AYSO's only fundraiser of the year and one of the reasons we maintain some of the lowest registration fees of any sport and even lower than many other soccer leagues. We did away with candy selling or magazine sales and instead ask that your friends and family sponsor you in the kick-a-thon where prizes are available for reaching fundraising levels and those with the most fundraising and longest kicks.

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