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Professional Training for all Players

Tustin AYSO Headlines

2015 Summer Season

Schedules are posted

Summer games are for fun and for working on skills. No standings are kept and no scores are reported. Please remember our Region’s policies: 5-goal differential rule - no team may win by more than 5 goals, no blow-outs or running up the score. Teams must also follow the 3-quarter play requirement. We strongly encourage the teams to play balanced games by borrowing players when needed.

Practices are allowed only before the first game (June 22). During the Summer season, the teams play two games per week, teams may not conduct additional training sessions. Please leave the weekends free and allow the parents to have their Saturdays and Sundays during the Summer.

The teams with the first games of the day are equally responsible for setting up the field. The teams with the later games are equally responsible for putting away the goals and corner flags. Please don’t leave goals on the field or unlocked overnight.

Game times and formats are as follows (exceptions for Summer in bold):
   U14: 30 minute halves* with substitution breaks; 11v11; size 5 ball
   U12: 30 minute halves with substitution breaks; 9v9; size 4 ball
   U10: 25 minute halves with substitution breaks; 7v7; size 4 ball
   U8: four 10 minute quarters; 6v6 or 5v5 depending on roster size with goal keepers on split fields; size 3 ball
   U7: four 10 minute quarters; 5v5 on split fields; size 3 ball
   U6: four 8 minute quarters; 4v4 on split fields; size 3 ball
   U5: four 8 minute quarters; 3v3 on split fields; size 3 ball
* The U14 game duration has been shortened to prevent the late game from being terminated early at sunset.

PSC Fireworks Fundraiser

Fireworks will fly high and light up the sky on the Fourth of July! Come out and support our Pacific Soccer Club teams 1st Annual Fireworks Fundraiser as you celebrate U.S. pride!
Dates: July 1st - July 4th
Located on the corner of: N. Bristol St./ Memory Ln. - location address: 2703 N Bristol Street, Santa Ana, Ca 92706

Booth Hours:
July 1st, Wednesday: 12pm-10pm
July 2nd, Thursday: 10am-10pm
July 3rd, Friday: 10am-10pm
July 4th, Saturday: 10am-9pm

Page Fundraiser: www.psc2015elite.com
Like us on Facebook: PSC Fireworks Fundraiser

2015 Fall Registration

Upcoming registration events:
Wednesday, July 15, 5:30 – 8:30pm at Dick's Sporting Goods
Saturday, July 25, 9am - 4pm at Dick's Sporting Goods
- Click Here for Coupon for Dick's Good 7/25 Only

Instructions on how to register and what to bring to the registration event are on the registration page. Apply on EAYSO.org and complete the E-Signature process. The hand-written form is no longer acceptable. Bring printed copies to registration event.

Save Money at these events! Regular fees are higher than the discounted rates offered at the in-person registration events.

Tustin AYSO Supports TUSD Dino Dash

Thanks for all who stopped by the Tustin AYSO booth at Dino Dash and congratulations to our raffle winners!

Olivier J Joanna V
Daniela F Germeen M
AYSO Booth at the 2014 Dino Dash

Hank Nunez - Stroke Recovery

Hank Nunez is a lifetime supporter of Tustin AYSO and has volunteered in many capacities including as the Regional Commissioner from 1996 - 2002. During this time, the region grew from 1,000 players to over 2,200. He was instrumental in building relations with the city and school district and continued to assist in that role for many years after stepping down from the RC position, including serving as a member of the Tustin city planning commission. Tustin AYSO would not be the region it currently is without his hard work and countless hours.

Recently, he suffered a stroke and is now in recovery. His family have created a fund to assist with the medical bills. If you are able to assist, please visit http://gofundme.com/5qdyv0.

Break-ins reported at fields

Several AYSO parents have reported their automobiles being broken into while attending games. These occurances have occured at multiple fields. Please remember to lock your car and remove or keep valuables out of sight.

Concussion Training

AYSO has been promoting Concussion Awareness training in conjunction with the Center for Disease Control Head's Up program since 2009. Each season, we have at least several reported cases of concussion and many more go unreported as it takes much less impact than commonly believed to have a concussion. For instance, the player being knocked out is not a prerequisite, nor is swelling and a large bump. In an effort to increase awareness about the potential risks associated with concussions, we are asking that all coaches of all ages take a couple of minutes and complete the online training. All coaches are now required to complete the online CDC Concussion training program. To complete the training, please login to the AYSO Online Training website.

This training is not restricted to coaches and we encourage all parents to complete the training and become more educated about these risks.
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